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Position About the International Charitable Foundation of Humanitarian Interaction

            For the stable preservation and progressive development of modern humanity, each and every one, two main paradigms are becoming more and more vital: charity and interaction. At the same time, they themselves are in organic interaction with each other.

            The word “humanitarian” refers not only to special Sciences (social Sciences), but also to a wide variety of human activities (including various Sciences, cultural fields, etc.) that have a positive practical significance for human existence and development and are practiced on the basis of interaction between people and the world around them.

            The struggle as violence, material and spiritual (“who-whom”), has already historically and logically exhausted itself. There is a growing urgent need for the successful solution of various problems (political, economic, social, national, etc.) in the interaction of various sovereign principles, ultimately material and spiritual (“nobody-nobody”), as their complementarity, mutual enrichment and partial mutual transfer to each other in the common interests of them and in the interests of each of the principles. In modern conditions, the spiritual principle as an internal attitude (predisposition, readiness) of all real phenomena, natural and created by man, and first of all of man himself, oriented to its material embodiment, is also becoming more and more important.

            Especially promising and vital is the internal attitude to the interaction of various principles, objective and subjective, global and local, social and national, ethical and aesthetic. The desire for interaction is an innate need for a person and corresponds to his nature.

            The word “charity” is an analogue of the Greek word “philanthropy”, which is most often used today. “Philanthropy” means helping those who do not have material possessions. We will use “charity” as a key and typologically significant, more capacious and really meaningful, if “philanthropy”.

            Etymologically, “charity” means ” creating “(creating) a “good” by one person for another person. “Good” is essentially interaction as a complementarity, mutual enrichment and partial mutual transfer of material and spiritual interests and needs of a person in their satisfaction, in material and spiritual matters. The specific measure of such satisfaction can be very different both in its content and in the norm of its expression. There are different types and methods of offering” charity ” and the results obtained from it.  “good” implies real development and improvement of a real person, both the giver and the receiver.

            “Creation “(creation) in” charity “is the interaction of material and spiritual activities of a person aimed at the” good ” of a person, at material and spiritual satisfaction of his material and spiritual interests and needs.

            “Charity” as the interaction of its material and spiritual components by its nature resists any violence, external and internal, material and spiritual, and therefore contributes to the strengthening and development of human security, external and internal, material and spiritual, because the fundamental basis of security is material and spiritual interaction in the common interests of various subjects of any character and level. “charity” as the interaction of the material and spiritual principles inherent in it represents a whole system of various phenomena and concepts that form charity, in turn, as a specific expression in them, a specific interaction of the same fundamental principles. At the same time, one of the fundamental principles that make up “charity” (“help”, “support”, “hospitality”, “investment”, “charity”, “patronage”) can somehow dominate in various target settings for “charity”and in its various concrete results.

            Charity and interaction as special paradigms are in constant and different levels of principled interaction. The goal and result of charity is to fully establish and develop fruitful interaction between people, people and the world around them. Interaction has its internal setting and real-practical basis for material and spiritual charity in the material and spiritual interests of people.

            In connection with all the above, there is an urgent need to create a special international charity Foundation for humanitarian Interaction.

            The purpose of the Fund is to support the activities, material and spiritual, of individuals (scientists, cultural figures, etc.), aimed at strengthening and developing interaction, material and spiritual, various principles, forces, trends, directions, etc., contributing to their fruitful interaction, material and spiritual in the name of preserving peace on our planet and the security of modern humanity, all and everyone, the full development of science and culture, truly humane in nature.

            The initiator and founder of this Fund is the International University of Fundamental Studies ( IUFS-MUFO, Saint Petersburg, Russia). The President and administrator of the Foundation is Rector MUFO, Mahatma, Grand doctor of philosophy, doctor of law, Professor, academician Santhi P. Jayasekara. Vice-President and scientific Director of the Foundation, Vice-rector of IUFS, Grand-doctor of philosophy, Professor, academician A. N. Izueitov. Executive Secretary of the  Foundation Dr., doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, academician V. V. Lukoyanov.

            Currently, the MUFO has prepared International Comprehensive Programs that have a consistent and purposeful humanitarian character and are able to interest potential benefactors from different countries of the world who can and want to really help humanity, everyone, and make life on our planet really safe and beneficial for people, financially and spiritually.


            The following Programs are offered:


  1. International Comprehensive Program “Natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis): timely warning of their occurrence and effective overcoming of negative consequences from them”.
  2. International Comprehensive Program that guarantees the safety of air flights in extreme conditions.
  3. International Comprehensive Program on road safety in “geopathogenic zones”.

            The author and scientific Director of International Complex Programs is A. N. Izueitov .

President Mahatma, Grand-doctor

of philosophy, Professor, academician Shanti P. Jayasekara

May 15, 2012

Saint Petersburg


Make donations for all health treatments/health programmes.

Our foundation will arrange funds for all kind of treatment for disable children, young and old patientsWhen need medical treatments.  Our foundation is working with several top class clinics in Europe and Russia where patients will have services.

Health Camps & Vaccinations:

Basic health care is a critical issue that is often overlooked when dealing with the urban poor. Providing health care is important not only to protect the patient himself, but also to reduce the risk of infecting the entire community. Hence the ICF has taken measures to conduct health camps and introduce immunization methods to overcome this risk.

Heart Surgery : 

By the ICF we are looking to make a world where the poor people don’t die prematurely from heart disease. Hence, We’ll achieve this through pioneering research, vital prevention activity and ensuring quality care and support for everyone living with heart disease.


Diabetes is a common disease, yet every individual needs unique care. We encourage people with diabetes and their families to learn as much as possible about the latest medical therapies and approaches, as well as healthy lifestyle choices. Good communication with a team of experts can help you feel in control and respond to changing needs. Hence the ICF has taken measures to introduce treatments for diabetes in our health camps 


As a part of its overall public health mission, ICF provides leadership in helping control the HIV/AIDS epidemic by working with community.


In the fight against cancer our organization offers patients access to Advanced treatments when optional and Complementary integrative cancer medicine free of charge:

Eye & Ear treatment Camps:

We offer comprehensive adult and pediatric eye & ear care. By theses camp we distribute ear aide, Spectacles and also help them with cataract surgeries free of charge.

Mental Health Campaign: 

Due to poverty and war generated in the third world counties many men, women and children suffer with mental traumas. We at the foundation are committed to reduce the suffering caused by mental ill health and to help everyone lead mentally healthier lives. We help people to survive, recover from and prevent mental health problems to promote a better mental health for all.


Granting scholarships for disable students.

In cooperation with the IUFS and International Higher Academic Council, university the ICF offers a distance learning degree programs for adult disable learners at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral level from the IUFS University. As an international university, with self paced programs taken online, by correspondence or home studies, the University’s online distance learning degree programs are available throughout a wide range of major areas of study.

Financial assistance for Educational programmes to School/Colleges all over the world

Providing Computers and establishing  Computer  Training Centers

ICF are planning to build a computer training center for the less fortunate children in the rural areas and teach the kids invaluable technology skills that will provide them access to a future they never would have dreamt of before

Supporting / make grants for Scientific Programmes including research & developments. 

Our foundation has Nano-technology research universities where scientists can make research works and development under funding of projects by the foundation. Scientists will be granted all infrastructural facilities to achieve their targeted success.

Art & Cultural Activities

One of the main activities of our foundation is allocating donations for cultural foundations and schools to facilitate the children to carry out their cultural activities and natural talents without any hesitation about funds thought the World. Make donations for all kinds of children’s arts cultural and vocational programmes.

Vocational Trainings

We also facilitate to provide vocational trainings in many fields enabling the youth to reach their full potential in life.

Help aide for disabled & handicapped Children

We commit ourselves to give physically challenged people a better world. Here’s your chance to support disabled people. Give employment opportunities to the handicapped and enable them to lead an independent life. Just a small gift of a hearing aid, wheelchair, tricycle or Braille kit will make a big difference. We also grant scholarships for disable students for a better and successful future.

 Help for poor children and women in Asia and Africa. 

Improvements in public health services are essential, including safe water and better sanitation. Education, especially for girls and mothers, will also save children’s lives.  Improvements in income help, but little will be achieved unless a greater effort is made to ensure that services to improve child health reach those who need them most.

Grants and Charity funds giving programmes.

Through the International charity Foundation, we grant charity funds to the needy people in the society for education, affordable housing , economic opportunities, and artistic & cultural enrichments

Humanitarian Programmes for human rights 

Our foundation will grant all types of humanitarian programmes for human rights. In order to fulfill this task, the organization is hosting programmes and making a supportive environment in their family, while educating the society to stop violence against women and children in the area.


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